Bride to Be’s

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Bridal Series

Congratulations on your engagement! Now more than ever, it’s important to carve out time for yourself in the midst of the excitement and chaos of wedding planning. We’ll start with a consultation to discuss your skin concerns, goals, and vision. In this meeting, we will work together to establish a program that’s simple and custom-made just for you. By nature of what we do, our treatments aren’t simply aesthetically oriented—they guide you to full body well-being, helping you de-stress, prioritize self-care, and stay present.

The Bridal Treatment

At Studio Britta, brides receive special treatment. We’ll make it easy for you by scheduling your appointments in advance during our consultation (one less thing to think about). By registering as one of our brides, you’ll receive access to coveted priority spots on the schedule should your plans change. You’ll also leave our meeting with your very own gua sha toolkit and exclusive access to a library of video tutorials featuring gua sha, facial massage, and more to inform your home practice.

Choose your own adventure

A typical bridal protocol will include two to three 90 minute “reset” treatments and six to nine monthly 45-minute maintenance tune ups. We may suggest including different treatments from our menu depending on what your body needs to come back into balance. We recommend starting the treatment three months in advance of your wedding for best results, but we’ve worked with timelines both longer and shorter.  



Example of a five month program:


2 Month Intensive Treatment Plan

  • Week 1 - 90 minute Consult/ Facial Attunement

  • Week 2 - 45 minute Tune Up

  • Week 3 - 45 minute Tune Up

  • Week 4 - 45 minute Tune Up

  • Week 5 - 90 minute Facial Attunement

  • Week 6 - 45 minute Tune Up

  • Week 7 - 45 minute Tune Up

  • Week 8 - 45 minute Tune Up

Remaining 3 months

  • Month 3 - 90 minute Facial Attunement

  • Month 4 - 90 minute Facial Attunement

  • Month 5 - 90 minute Facial Attunement

  • 2 weeks prior to wedding- 45 minute Tune Up

Home Care Support Package

  • Personalized care guidelines

  • Access to full library of Gua Sha online tutorials

  • Gua Sha tool



Senior Esthetician Price | $2,215

Britta Price | $2,955

*Bridal packages are customized to each bride’s specific skin concerns and timeline. Limited availability. Pricing is for above package example.