Gua Sha: Classic

Enjoy the benefits of an home Gua Sha Ritual with the Gua Sha: Classic Tutorial. Gua Sha works with the flow of blood, lymph, and chi. We work with the lymphatic system by stimulating channels of detoxification right below the skin’s surface to clear away debris. Overtime, this reduces blackheads, hyper pigmentation, and leaves the skin clear. Increased blood flow leaves your complexion looking bright and rosy while firming skin tone and releasing muscular tension. Increasing your Chi or life force will give you a glow from the inside out in a way that no highlighter can mimic.

Gua sha: clear

If you have breakout prone skin and have been hesitant to try Gua Sha, then this is the practice for you. The lymphatic system plays an integral role in the condition of our skin. When our lymphatic system is sluggish, it slows down our body’s ability to detox, leading to acne and break outs. With the Clear technique, we work along the neck to aid in the process of detoxification, leading to a healthier and more radiant complexion.

(Includes Gua Sha: Classic)

Gua Sha: Melt

Melt away stress with the Gua Sha Melt Technique. Your face is a mask of muscles, and each of these muscles has a corresponding emotion. Whenever we feel something, our face wants to express it. When we stifle our emotions from being expressed, it creates tension in our faces, leading to conditions such as TMJ and Jaw tension. The Melt technique works deeply into the muscles of the face, releasing our jaw, and aiding in deep relaxation. Plus, it feels oh so good!

(Includes Gua Sha: Classic)


  1. Gua Sha Tool: Our favorite is the Empress Stone by Wildling, but a Generic H shaped rose quartz tool is what is used in the videos because they were shot before Wildling launched. A tool that you already have will work as well, simply line up the edges and points in a similar fashion to what is shown in the videos. The primary focus here is really on correct technique, appropriate speed, and offering you a full practice video that you can follow along with stroke by stroke, to support and optimize your ritual at home, so you can truly enjoy all the benefits that Gua Sha has to offer!

  2. Hydrosol and Oil: You will need an oil on the skin for slip and glide of the Gua Sha tool, and we always recommend using a hydration mist before applying your oil. Wildling has created the perfect formula for Gua Sha. We suggest the Empress Tonic and Empress Oil. The budget friendly alternative is Organic Jojoba oil from Desert Essence on Amazon.com paired with a plain rose water. But any oil and hydrator you are already using can work, as long as it makes your skin happy!

  3. For Gua Sha: Clear - Stone Roller: We suggest the Amethyst Roller By Jade Roller Beauty. Amethyst has benefits for reducing redness and inflammation in the skin, which is great for acne prone skin.


Gua Sha should not be practiced on areas of the face that have received any injections such as Botox, fillers, or anything else within the last three months. It is also not appropriate over an open wound, active break out, inflamed or irritated skin. For any other concerns, please consult with your healthcare provider before starting a Gua Sha practice.

*To satisfy the requests of our followers, these tutorials were shot before Wildling launched with a generic H Shaped Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool, which is also suitable to use. These videos have no expiration, but will be taken down and replaced when we launch the videos with the Empress Stone.