Britta Plug


Ever since I began hosting spa retreats for my middle school friends, I’ve been fascinated by my ability to transform the skin to radiate health. 

I am a licensed esthetician and holistic health coach, and I began combining the two disciplines over a decade ago after noticing the undeniable connection between beauty and wellness. Through meticulous study of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, as well as European facial massage techniques, I developed my own powerful protocol, known as Facial Attunement™, a personalized treatment that applies centuries of skin wisdom to the demands of modern life.

Now, with my own intimate studio in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, I continue to dive deeply into the study of facial massage, herbalism, nutrition meditation and yoga, allowing my evolving knowledge of ancient and modern health traditions to inform a curated suite of life-affirming skin experiences. With a radically natural philosophy and a powerful touch, I hope to inspire others to choose compassionate skin care rituals and clean beauty practices. 


Senior esthetician

Susana Salazar


My passion for natural skincare started at an early age in my native country of Peru, where I learned to make beauty masks, hair treatments and vitality elixirs with natural ingredients from my grandmother.  At the age of 16, I moved to the States and began getting regular facials and experimenting with different skincare products.

I am a Licensed Holistic Esthetician with nine years of experience, as well as an Integrative Health Coach, and I also hold a Bachelors Degree in Health Arts, with a focus on Nutrition as Medicine.

I believe that beauty starts from the inside, and much of my approach comes from addressing detoxification and nutrition to achieve healthy radiant skin. I have taken several trainings over the years in different facial massage techniques, such as lifting and toning, lymphatic drainage, and detoxifying. I continue studying to deepen my practice in subjects like deep tissue cleansing, breath work, detoxifying modalities, fasting, yoga and meditation.  I also draw techniques from ancient healing practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Aromatherapy, and Ayurveda. 

Combining these practices, I customize each treatment to honor your individual needs in order to restore a beautiful lasting glow that starts from deep within. 

Senior Esthetician

Amy Pellot

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My interest in wellness and natural remedies was sparked at a young age by my mother. My love for art and beauty led me to a career as a makeup artist. As a successful makeup artist in NYC, I was involved in many creative projects from film to print. 

Working with makeup allowed me to recognize the deep emotional connection we feel to the health of our skin and how deeply rooted it is to our self esteem. My interest shifted from covering the skin to understanding the root causes of our skins issues. I began researching ingredients in skincare products, making my own natural concoctions, and ultimately, I went to esthetics school.

I have been a Licensed Esthetician for 8 years. I spent 6 of those years as a New York State license educator for Dermalogica Academy, an undergraduate esthetics school. During this time I became certified in Aromatherapy and Gua Sha. 

As a holistic esthetician, I view what I do as a loving craft where I combine my creativity, intuition, and love of science to facilitate transformation and healing for my clients. My work is deeply inspired by my travels to South America, where they care for each other intuitively in a way that can’t be taught at a school or in a book. I continue to deepen my studies in facial massage, lymphatic drainage and other modalities to provide each client with a treatment that can embrace the needs of their skin. My goal as an esthetician is to help you set an intention, customize each session to your individual needs, and to empower you with the right information and tools to achieve healthy radiant skin from deep within.


Samantha Story


As a healer I see my role as a catalyst for physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. I am a Classically trained acupuncturist having studied with Master Acupuncturist and Taoist priest Jeffrey Yuen of the Jade Purity tradition. In Taoism the practice of alchemy turns the spirit to gold, my goal is to assist in potentiating the healing that allows for this freedom and happiness in your life today.

The depth of my experience has been in treating chronic illness, pain, depression, gastrointestinal disorders, fertility and gynecological issues, but it is an honor to meet and walk with you wherever you are. I also offer Integrative Beauty treatments which combine facial acupuncture, cupping and gua sha (aka holistic facelift or nature's botox). These treatments boost collagen, lift and smooth facial structures, ease patterns of tension and skin is left glowing and revitalized. Best of all, because underlying systems are being addressed, clients feel as good as they look.

Breathwork is the newest addition to my practice and I'm very excited to share this powerful tool. I will assist you in a three part active breathing technique that aids in releasing emotional blocks, stored trauma and old patterns of thought and behavior. This is a self healing practice ideal for those interested in shedding what no longer serves and deepening your connection to your intuition, creativity and self.