Facial Attunement™ Clear


Pore congestion is the result of stagnation in the skin’s tissues. Our clearing facial promotes vital movement and lymph drainage that effectively addresses conditions such as acne and blackheads from deep within the skin’s ecosystem while relaxing the body and soothing the soul. After a natural double cleanse, we open the pores with an exfoliating mask before applying considered massage techniques that detoxify the underlying tissues and provide channels for toxins to escape the skin. Extractions may happen at the therapists’ discretion, followed by herbs and clays to further detoxify and promote gentle yet powerful healing to restore balance to the surface of the skin. A personalized array of hydrosols and serums are applied to prep and protect the skin as you re-enter the outside world with a mindset of renewed clarity.


Practitioner | Susana Salazar & Amy Pellot


1 hour 15 min - 1 hour 30 minutes | $205-$225 ( tax not included )





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