Studio Britta, a place where you can escape from city life to indulge in the infinite possibilities of natural beauty.

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beauty redefined

Beauty: (noun): a great mystery; a seed of light that resides in our bodies and spirits; an innate quality that with nourishment and care rises to the surface and reveals our vibrancy to the world.


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"Plug has been using gua sha tools in her holistic facial practice for the last three years, helping clients relieve nearly every skin condition from rosacea to dryness and adult acne."

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“Her ability to read an individual's skin to give it exactly what it needs, and general feel-good vibes, Plug is truly a skin guru.”

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“It is Plug's honesty, and her thorough inside-out, outside-in approach to skin…that completely transformed my own skin after a six-year battle with rosacea. ”


“— ancient Chinese instruments designed to, among other things, relieve muscle tension. Just entering the space is instantly detoxifying.”

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